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    Dedicated server

    I'm looking for a dedicated server that would fit the following criteria(Yes, I am keeping an eye on the dedicated server offers on the site too):

    Budget: 50-70$/mo
    Location: Either US East or Europe.
    CPU: E3-xxxx/i5 (I'm looking for power per core and a decent cache)
    HDD: SSD(size doesn't really matter, but it must be a SSD)
    RAM: 16 or above DDR3
    Internet connection: Unmettered 100mb will do. The higher the better of course.

    I realize that by budget doesn't cover my needs, I'm hoping, however, that I'll "get lucky".
    I previously had a server with OVH, a 50 Euro/mo one but no longer needed. Now I see the prices from OVH changed drastically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewDanse View Post
    I previously had a server with OVH, a 50 Euro/mo one but no longer needed. Now I see the prices from OVH changed drastically.
    That is the reason why OVH changed their prices realistically so you might need to increase your budget if you want a decent network and hardware.
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    I think you could possibly get a sandybridge i5 at this price with 2x500GB SATA and the RAM requirements, but I am not sure where you could get one with an SSD. What is the requirement for the SSD?

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    Try to see who is offering servers close to your budget and contact sales. I think you will be able to get a discount, in case if you will promise not to make any troubles for a host. - dedicated servers for your business
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    Why don't you check out VPS options ? That may get you better one within your budget.
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    With your budget i'd suggest you go with a VPS. Not sure if you'll find a VPS with 16GB RAM for that budget but where are you using the server for? Maybe you can go with lower requirements.
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    Budget is too low for SSD configuration.
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    Check out Hezner if you are willing to increase your budjet:

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    You can try soyoustart. They have offers that suits your requirements and your budget.
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    ovh and hetzner is your last choice other than them you need to be very very very lucky to get the server you are asking for.

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    OVH increased their prices? Good marketing tactic I guess, build a huge client base off unrealistic server prices then up your pricing after you have a huge market share and brand exposure. Sure probably takes a lot of capital to do so but worth it in the end I guess, well, we'll see I guess.

    The server you are looking for just isn't possible with your budget. You might want to rethink your budget or the specifications of the server you need.
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