Professional SHOUTCast Hosting Specials! Under $10. USA Canada UK Germany MP3 & AAC

Just opened a new 500 Listener Special for $25/m
Use up to and including 128 Bitrate, High Quality!

$25 is final price after taxes, no extras, no overages, no commitment.
Rental is monthly. 1 Month minimum.

Most Popular Package:
50 @ 128 Kbps for $11.95 per month

New 500 Special (USA or EUROPE):
500 @ 128 Kbps for only $49.95 per month
<-- 50% OFF ($25/m)

Lowest Cost Package:
5 @ 96 Kbps for $3.95 per month

AutoDJ MP3 and AAC Servers included.
Shoutcast Servers support all LIVE DJs (SAM, Simplecast, Nicecast for Mac etc...)

choose from locations:
- Chicago, IL (Recommended!)
- Dallas, TX
- Washington, DC
- Los Angeles, CA
- Frankfurt, Germany
- London, UK
- Montreal, CANADA
- Amsterdam, NL

All included starting at $3.95, all Dual Quadcore 100/1000 Mbps hosted

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What location should I choose? If using live DJing *SAM Broadcaster* then choose the location nearest your live DJs for fastest upload speed.
2. What location is the best? Chicago has the best network uptime over the years.
3. Can I start cheap than upgrade? Yes, accounts start at $3.95 and include everything. no overages.
4. When do I receive my radio? Literally 1 second after the payment gateway.

View live DEMO here
user: scguest
pass: scguest

All Radio & TV Accounts have upload space for .mp3 and .nsv files! Live DJ's using SAM, Simplecast, Nicecast for Mac etc. are also allowed.

Our control panel has features you wont find anywhere else and at lower prices!

Both PayPal and CreditCards accepted.
MakeAVoice has been in business since 2005, Automated Software Inc.
Over 8 years experience helping online radio stations

Most Popular Package:
50 @ 128 Kbps for $11.95 per month

Lowest Cost Package:
5 @ 96 Kbps for $3.95 per month

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