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    Can I Run VPS "For Personal Using" With No Experience ?


    I will get a VPS but I will use it for personal using, I won't sell hosting and so.

    I will just use it to run 1 website and upload large files, also website visitors will have the ability do download these files, so I need large Hard Disk and large Bandwidth.

    But I never worked at VPS, I have experience with shared hosting(C Panel).

    The VPS provider told me, they will setup for me a C Panel for free, and to manage the VPS I have to pay monthly extra 29 USD.

    Can I manage it with my self or i would face problems as hacking and other stuff ?

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    I would recommend to go for a managed vps so you can avoid problem in the future like spam, hack, etc....

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    That depends on how important the website is. If it doesn't matter if the website goes offline for a few days, an unmanaged VPS is fine if you want to learn about server management. If you just need reliable hosting, get a management service.

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    I would buy a managed VPS to run your service on, but at the same time buy a small cheap vps to play with and learn, and reinstall as much as you want.

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    Managed services is one of the options but eventually you'll need to learn how to manage your own server. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    buy managed vps with cPanel/WHM. ask your provider to secure the vps, set nameservers etc.. then when you face any problem just ask your provider or search in google. when i first bought vps it was unmanaged as the budget was low. I've done everything myself with the help of Google.

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    If you have no experience with server management, I will suggest to go for a managed VPS. cPanel licence itself cost $10-15/month.

    Managed VPS will have everything installed and configured. But I will also suggest you to take a cheap VPS and do some learning.
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    Thanks for every one, I read your replies carefully and I took a decision, I will buy unmanaged

    I think it's the time to learn how to manage a VPS. And as you said, Google will be helpful.

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