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    Windows recommendations for PRTG.

    We are looking to pick up a couple servers to add to our PRTG monitoring cluster, Ideally we'd like to pick up one in the Northeast US and one on the West Coast US. VMs are acceptable if the DC has a good track record with service/support and we're open to dedicated boxes as well.

    The single biggest factor we're focused on is consistent uptime, the requirements for the boxes are minimal and we'll look at that later based on the best suggestions here. We're really not interested in quotes or anything like that at this point, just your experience.

    So if anyone who has a year or longer on Windows boxes under your belt in any Northeast or West Coast DCs, we'd like to know where you're hosted and how's your uptime!


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    I've always suggested, and they have locations on the west coast and the east coast. I use their vps's on debian but they also have windows as well. And my uptime is great, I don't think mine has been down since I purchased it!

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    A little off topic. What sort of stuff are you tracking with PRTG? We use that pretty heavily internally with a lot of integration via their API.

    I hear WebNX on the west coast is pretty reliable!
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    @kpmedia, we would prefer 2008 as that aligns better with the core machines we're using and these remote boxes will mostly be probes.


    Pretty much everything!

    One of the main uses of the remote boxes is for SLA and simulating end user experience with iMacros. Not a real heavy load with about 350 sensors and a dozen Macros.Our local core machines are a different story, we have thousands of sensors on these boxes monitoring pretty much everything you can think of or ever wanted to know about boxes/network/power and and on good days the lunch menu at the local deli!

    We all like PRTG very much...

    That sounds great we'll have a look at them Kevin.

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