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    Server management service list needed please


    I would like to lease a dedicated server from a company at around 70 euro per month. They propose managed support for another 70 euro per month which is way too high for me.

    The server will be running lINUX, php, mysql and cpanel.

    Any idea if there are tools you pay one time that can manage the updates on the server for you or good and cheap third party server management anywhere?

    Thank you,


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    You can try but I can't remember their pricing. Nothing will be fully automated though. If there is a problem you will want someone like them to log in and poke around… Don't go too low in price to start but month to month you should be able to keep costs down.
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  3. Check out , I used to use them they are great very fast and efficient.

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    Rack911 charges around 100-150$/Month. will charge you 100$/Month sill cost around 30-40$.

    All 3 are good and reliable companies. - Security notices for the hosting community.

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    I believe you can hire a freelancer on odesk as per your budget requirement. or Hire a cpanel management services.
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    I think getting a separate company for support will be better off for you, rather then paying so much more money like that. has been a provider I have been using for support, recommend to me as well long time ago and have been very satisfied with the tickets and answers I get every time I have opened a ticket. It's so practical to just open a ticket every time I need their help so I can focus on my clients instead.

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    Hello Ben,

    How much you could spend for a support service?

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    You get cPanel managed services from $20 / month to $150 / month ( may be upper limit is a bit more higher with some companies ). The thing is, you get what you pay for and of course some giants charge for their brand name as well. Check around, sort out a list, check reviews and pick the best you think!

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    By far the best team I have come across. Chris is very knowledgeable and gets the job done well.

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    There are lot of server management companies, You can google to get the reviews about each company. According to your budget and review, you can select an appropriate company

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    In 70 Euro dedicated server with cPanel control is possible but you will receive very basic server and it will cause your web site performance and stability, therefore its always better to increase budget little bit more, so that you will receive the better server as compare to basic ATOM servers
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