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    Issue concerning rsync of /var/qmail/mailnames/

    Hi. I have two servers (primary and a secondary) with a DNS failover through DNSMADEEASY. When the primary fails, traffic is automatically redirected to the secondary.

    I rsync /var/qmail/mailnames/ (with --delete option) several times per day, from the primary to the secondary, in order that clients have their mail up to date should there be a failure on the main server.

    THE ISSUE: After a failure, when the primary comes back to life, the cron automatically starts rsync again, with the --delete option, and it deletes on the secondary all mails received during the failure period.

    Any ideas on how could I avoid this problem? (in other words, I wonder how could I get the rsync cron NOT to start automatically after the server has undergone a complete or an apache / qmail failure).

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Syncronize Mailnames with UNISON

    Thanks Kevincheri. I hadn't considered that solutiona at all, and it makes a lot of sense. I'm researching the best way to do this.

    On the other hand, I've come across UNISON.

    Do you think UNISON could be suitable for keeping the mailnames directories in both servers sincronized with the latest mail versions, even in the case of server failures / recoveries?

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