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    Question Redirect & DNS Records

    Here is the situation - I have some experience with DNS, used to deal with it a bit at a previous job. A department at work has asked for my help in getting the old website redirected to the new site.

    We have hired a designer, who has created an entirely new website for us. What we are looking to redirect our old site "" to our new site "".

    The problem comes in with our current setup. The current way it has been setup is a complete nightmare....we have the domain name hosted with one company(domaindiscover), but the site is hosted by a dev & marketing company we used in the past. The company who is hosting the old site that we want to redirect is telling us there is NO control panel to sign into to redirect the site, that we'd have to create htaccess files for each page we want to redirect & that they want to charge $160 an hour to do this! They are hosting the site on hostasaurus, I have no experience with hostasaurus but I find it hard to believe there is no control panel to edit DNS records & do a redirect! Has anyone ever heard of this?

    The ONLY control we have from where the domain is registered (domain discover) is to change the name servers. The concern comes in with switching the nameservers because for the current time, the company does NOT want to switch the email addresses (they want to continue to use for the time being). Will changing the name servers through domaindiscover affect us receiving email?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Well I suggest rather not spending 160$ hourly for this job. Firstly you could read this article:
    And you will know almost all about redirecting then you could decide yourself what do to with your websites.

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