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    MochaHost Review

    Five minutes with MochaHost and you will start questioning your intelligence.
    If something looks too good to be true, it is usually because it is not true. This is the case with MochaHost. Nothing come for free, so it was not a big of a upraise that none of their unlimited space, bandwidth etc did not exist. Extremely slow servers and extremely low bandwidth. Most days you simply give up out of frustration from timeout errors.
    Please do try their support. Their answers are so stupid that it actually makes you feel like a genius. You feel like Einstein talking to a batch of elementary school kids. Like their servers performance you give up out of frustration from being impossible to communicate with them.
    Their accounts department is just the same. They charge your credit card months before the contract expiry, but the new contract takes effect from the latest payment date and not the expiry of the previous contract. So ultimately you usually pay for 12 month while the contract duration is actually only 10 months. This is 20% over charge.

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    Ah! really thanks for sharing your review here
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    haha unlimited plans always put me off personally. Looked at there site, and all there claims look to good to be true!

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    I always wonder what happened to this host. Your review is par for the course.
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    They are terrible!!!!!, but many people fall into the dream of unlimited and very very cheap hosting.
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    Thanks for posting this review. In regards to the billing statement, does it say in their terms of services that they will charge you 2 months before the actually due date of your services?

    Also I hope you find a new good host that you enjoy working with. Let us know if you decide to get a new host and how they are after a couple of months.
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    good to stay away from unlimited trash offers
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    Have you tried taking them up on their money back guarantee? If so, how does that turn out?
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