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    today one of our webhosting client was asking me weather his website made using can be moved to cpanel. is it possible to do that folks?

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    I have just checked and no you can't migrate websites hosted at to an external host.

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    Wix is offered as a "Site as a Service", like Blogspot, Google Sites, etc. You/your customer don't have access to any files of the site.
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    Plus, Wix are using their own sitebuilding software, developed to work with their services, so even if you had access to the files and move them to a cPanel, how would you make further modifications to them? Simple - you can't where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    Thank you folks for the replies.
    pretty clear now.

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    if the website is a static site, can't you just save every pages and upload it to the cpanel account? if the client want to edit his website then he have to edit it manually Half Dedicated Half Price
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