Location Sweden or USA on Xen based system which means no overselling.
You get dedicated resources.

Create your own vps plans based on linux or windows.
Load your custom ISO.
Create Windows or linux vps for your clients.
Create/Suspend/Terminate vps anytime from your control panel.
Buy Ips are discounted price.
Set your own pricing.

Host 3 VPS / 2gb ram / 50gb disk / 2000gb transfer / 6 IP address $50
Host 5 vps / 4 gb ram / 100gb disk / 4000gb transfer / 16 IP address $75
Host 10 vp / 8 Gb RAM / 200gb disk / 5000gb data transfer / 32 Ip address $110
Host 20 vps /16gb ram / 400gb disk / 70000gb bandwidth / 64 IP $200
Host 40 vps / 32gb ram / 800gb disk / 10000gb bandwidth / 255 ip $349 per month

You can Stop/Start/reboot/OsReinstall/Backup your VPS.
You can reinstall Operating systems from your control panel.

Operating Systems Latest Version Available
CentOS 5.X
Debian 5.x
Fedora 7.X + versions
OpenSuse 10
Suse 9.3
Slackware 11.0
For xen pygrub
If you looking for specific operating system please contact us.

Payments: Paypal (Verified members only)/MoneyBookers/Bank Transfer/Western Union accepted/Liberty Reserve
7 Days Money Back Guarantee*
Price Freeze Guarantee
Virtualization technology we support: XEN PV, XEN HVM and OpenVZ

Sweden vps have low ping to the following sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, France, UK, belgium, Netherland, France, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, iceland, Italy, Greece

USA vps are at Netriplex datacenter in North Carolina.

For Test IP or test file email us. For more details or any questions please visit us at www.turbovps.com or email us at info at turbovps dot com
Contact us for Forex VPS best ping to finfx
we do not monitor public forums so best way to contact us is by email us at info @ turbovps dot com

Note: We do not monitor forums. Please contact us by email or live chat for any question.