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    22 very bad experience


    I am a pretty old user of WHT and unfortunately this is my first bad review I had to make.

    I am in the hosting industry so I know not to make bad reviews for small issues, it can cause big problems for companies and I try to avoid it if possible, however for the last month it's been impossible to comunicate with infinitech support.

    I will describe my issues in a few sentences:

    In 12 December a client notified me that the cpanel license that I had prepaid for 3 months was disabled, this was the second time this happened, having the license disabled even if it was paid for so I opened a tiket. The first time the problem was solved in a few hours so I didn't make a big deal, these things can happen, however when this happens the next month again and I am getting angry clients I decided to get my cpanel license from a 3rd party and ask infinitech to cancel the license and add any amount from the ~1,5 month of paid license that I didn't use as account credit.

    The tiket was opened on December the 13th, on 18 Dec I added a reply to check the status of the tiket, on 30 Dec again with no response.

    On 31 Dec I received the reply:

    "I apologies for this situation.

    We will proceed as per your request by crediting you the fees for the unused cPanel license fees.

    Please stand by."

    The tiket is still open today and the problem is not solved after more than 1 month.
    The new invoice was generated with the cpanel license still included, the service will soon expire and I can't do anything because I can't pay for a cpanel license that I'm not using.

    I also tried calling them 2 times during business hours with no reply.

    I was pretty happy with infinitech's services at the beginning, however during the last 4-5 months the support is practically 0.

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    Sorry to hear about your experience with them.

    Any idea why the cPanel license was getting disabled in the first place? I haven't came across an issue with cPanel license randomly getting disabled, unless there was some internal system issue on their end or the licenses wasn't renewed.

    That is definitely unacceptable to have to wait for over a month to get credit applied to your account.

    Hopefully someone from Infinitech will respond to this thread and shine some light.
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    I can only guess, but they probably didn't pay for the license and the vendor disabled it (from what I saw they were using licensepal).

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