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Thread: URL Rewriting

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    URL Rewriting

    Hey, looking for some recommendations on good URL Rewriting references, or URL rewriting via single page redirection.

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    Custom building a site and wondering is it better to do the rewriting via .htaccess via a myrid of rules OR do the one page to control all method?

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    Well it is pretty much up to you, do whatever you feel comfortable with. htaccess is probably the most popular way to go though.

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    I will agree that using htaccess file is the best way to do it but I will tell use I normally have a combination of both.

    At the end of the htaccess file I had a 404 error to run file called redirect.php

    This does not 403 redirect but just runs the file. The I look at the requested URL and include that file so it runs again without a redirect

    Taking it one step more I have a lot in the past let users add there own pages and store those pages in mysql so I query the database with the requested url and include the html and display
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