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    Question A good (low) budget Webhoster without nasty surprises?


    I am very unsure.
    Many customers make very good reviews with star rating, but there are also bad reviews.
    For example webhostingpad. Many good ratings, and only dozens bad reviews, but these are frightening.

    All is "unlimited", but if your site has to much visitors you can get suspended 0_o.
    Also with refund problems.
    And they have asterisks without explanation after Space, Bandwith and the free domain.
    Answer in the support chat was only "Great" (are they nutty?) from "Pat".

    I need a good recommendation for one (or two or three ...) web host.
    It should be cheap, but have no nasty surprises.
    For example, what ist, if the website has abruptly a lot of visitors?

    E.G. a site for rating employment office clearks (her often antisocial to criminal behavior is a big problem in Germany), etc..
    Consequence: The German media report negatively over the website.
    This results in tens of thousands of visitors. The website breaks down.
    By the way, the U.S. website RottenNeighbor collapsed exactly after the reporting in the German TV ;-).
    "GoDaddy" has kicked on flimsy reasons.

    I do not need plenty of space.
    A few gigabytes or more? But enough addon domains but would be nice. 5 or more?
    99,5% instead of 99,9 is no problem. Also 98% or possibly 95%.
    What is the cheapest Webhoster without these nasty surprises?

    Is there a list or test from a reputable magazine?
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    What is your budget ?
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    First of all, can you give some more information? What location to do you? You mentioned a US host, so I am assuming you want US-based? Don't go for unlimited plans, they are unreliable and subjective. Its just a to make there service look good, nothing is unlimited. In order to truly find out what you are entitled to, you have to look deep into there terms. So best stick with something that you know with definite, X amount of space and Y amount of bandwidth. Also how much bandwidth so you recon you'll be using?

    Hope this helps!

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    The "unlimited" hosts tend to be trouble. You are usually better off figuring out how much disk space and bandwidth you actually need, and then selecting a host that give you those resources.
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    You can definitely find reputable hosting providers in the offers section here at WHT.

    Do you have a preferred location?

    Keep in mind that you get what you pay for If you want top notch, you unfortunately have to spend the extra money, but its definitely with at the end.
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    Not a special Budget.
    I do not know what is cheap, and what ist "to cheap" in the U.S. ;D .
    Also, bad Hoster have many good reviews. Also the service is praised.

    No, not US-based. But I search a non german host for criticism of the German authorities and officials.

    In Germany you can be prosecuted if you tell the truth about people or authorities. Even with evidence or witnesses.
    You can end up in court because of damaging the reputation.
    Authorities can sue and make a criminal charges.
    You can even end up in jail.

    Radio "Antenna Hesse" was indicted by the employment office Witzenhausen because of a bad review about an employee.
    She behaved anti-social. They called just "Mrs. S.".

    Arbitrariness on the Job Center Witzenhausen:

    Court date: Job Centre against antenna Hesse:

    A website like would be highly dangerous for your freedom in Germany.

    In Germany this is cheap:
    5GB, unl. traffic, 180 subdomains, 180 email, 15 MySQL, 10 addon domains for €12 per year ($16,33, $1,36/Month).

    "you get what you pay for"

    Yes, but i don't know the down limit.
    The best Webhoster at the lower end.
    Without trouble if the website suddenly has a lot of visitors.
    But Katz Global etc. are quite expensive.
    The web host should ignore requests from German authorities and lawyers, if not a violation of U.S. law exists.
    By the way, what is with suicide informations and palliative helping? In Germany is this all legal, but the Justice wants to find something.

    You know the case of the canibal of Rothenburg?
    This was a highly criticized judgment.
    Canibalism itself is not illegal in Germany.
    My Meaning: "Disturbing the peace of the dead", only if the corpse was by an authorized. "authorized" is the coroner, the undertaker, etc. Before an official takes the corpse, it is not a "disturbance of the peace of the dead" ;-] :

    "Section 168 Disturbing the Peace of the Dead

    (1) Whoever, without authorization, takes away the body or parts of the body of a deceased person, a dead fetus or parts thereof or the ashes of a deceased person from the custody of the person entitled thereto, or whoever commits insulting mischief thereon, shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine.

    (2) Whoever destroys or damages a place for laying-in-state, burial site or public place for remembering the dead, or whoever commits insulting mischief there, shall be similarly punished.

    (3) An attempt shall be punishable."

    The judiciary has SEARCH for an legal "construct".
    they wanted to condemn.

    I am not a canibalist, but I would no discussion forbid on my websites...
    Actually just a example, but it interests me :-) .

    And I do not want a webhoster for xxx. Never.
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    if you're willing to spend at least $5-10/month for shared hosting then there are a couple of good hosts for you to choose from.

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    And I was certain Germany was a country in Europe, where they have freedom of speech and freedom of press.

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    if you dont need "unlimited" then why go with them? check out the offers section in this forum you will see many cheap providers. make a list of your possible hosters and then search for reviews.

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    I hate the word unlimited, doesn't exist. However your needs are quite basic so have a look round the offers forum, just remember to do your research before you sign up.

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    It's all scary, but my golden advice don't settle for long payment terms except the deal is good.

    With a monthly host, you can always switch at any time to another host. You will always run into issues with hosting companies in one way or the other.

    For example, there are hosts which are very concerned with customer support and neglect technical support, while others so concern with marketing and not quality of hosting, and others very much concern with uptime and server issues and forget about client issues.

    So it all depends what you as a client wants and what you can cope with.

    Its time we start talking about 'managed' and 'unmanaged' hosting in the shared hosting industry.
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