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    Securing my new VPS


    First let me introduce myself im Rodrigo from mexico, and today i bought a VPS in BurstNet and i am very happy but since it is my first VPS server that i bought i have some doubts:

    1.- The server came without RPMS of MySQL and developmment tools like compilers, nothing to afraid, im now installing (is this correct? i mean i needto imagine that this server it is on my home?)

    2.- My idea to buy this server is to run my websites there (because the shared webhosters are expensive for me for the number of files that have my websites) (next question you will know why i am telling this)

    3.- As i can see the server it is without so much security, could be good idea to put "portsentry" and some of my securing scripts that i put for my customers? (actually i sell to my customers asterisk based pbx then i need to secure them) or VPS is different in that way?

    As for now are all my doubts, i hope soon i can tell how happy i am with my VPS

    Best Regards


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    Welcome to WHT

    Let me ask you this first, will you be running any control panel on the server such as cPanel? I would highly recommend it if you will be hosting several websites.

    cPanel itself offers quite a few security features in their control panel, but you can definitely take extra steps to secure your server. For instance disabling unnecessary services, installing CSF (ConfigServer Firewall) and ConfigServer Exploit Scanner, using mod_security, keeping your OS up to date, etc...
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    Since this is your first VPS, I will also suggest you to start with any control panel. cPanel is recommended with a free 15-days trail.
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    Please note also that cPanel will just make your life easier with creating accounts and compiling needed basic software but you need to go into deep setup and understand how to secure your VPS properly.
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    The best for you would be to use some control panel like: Cpanel/Directadmin/Plesk to have things configured properly. Later you can check some better security tips for those solutions.
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    Hello Rodrigo and welcome! What experience do you have with Linux? If you know how to manage things on Linux, you can immagine that you are on "localhost". You should keep in mind that blocking ports or securing your VPS could drop your connection and you will loose the contact with the VPS (you are not directly on the console). If you have poor experience with Linux, my recommandation too would be to use a control panel (Kloxo or Virtualmin are free). You can install a control panel with few easy steps described on their homepage.
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    Your best option would be to use a paid control panel which goes by the name cPanel or a free solution like webmin or kloxo I think was the name. There are a lot of easy tutorials and control panels you can install. There are many free control panels if you take that route if free just be sure to choose the right panel for yourself. Also there is a lot when it comes to managing a server all I can suggest to you is read all about Linux and don't give up. Also be sure that none of your scripts you use on your site that they are fully updated and patched if not then you'll have a huge mess.

    On here WHT look for dedicated or vps tutorials forum there are a **** load of tutorials and guides very detailed explaing everything.

    Also install rootkithunter

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