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    Dating website design needed


    I am looking for someone to create an online dating website for me. Mainly the design. No functionality is needed as I have a programmer who can do that.

    It must NOT look anything like facebook or other social networks. I do NOT want "likes" or upload videos etc.

    The profile layout is to be basic, simple photos of the users and a description about them selves with defined information below (age, Location, Favorite movies etc.)

    There is probably around 5-6 main pages that need creating to start with, then more as the project progresses.

    PM me or post your skype ID's and we can discuss more.


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    Please add me in Skype. My id: seoindiaorg

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    Added you on skype.

    on you're spare give me a call 1-800-219-1314 EXT 0
    I'm happy to support you're design. Skype: webdevelopmentgroup


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    Hello. Just a side a note. In case you will need a custom illustration for your site later, we are here to do that just for you. Describe it and you'll have it.
    I help entrepreneurs develop online branding. I value my clients and build relationships. I am a friend.
    Let me assist you with your website design, logo design and other graphics needs.
    Ganah Solutions, a brand creation agency. Solidify your brand. Connect your business.

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