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    I recently got an email from that one of my (active) domains will expire in a few weeks time and that I should renew it (the credit card on file was expired I guess that's why they couldnt renew automatically).

    So I go to and use my username and pw to try and log in. I get a message saying "An Error has occurred if you continue to encounter errors please contact Customer Service". I think maybe the pw is wrong, so I go to forgot pw and try that; same error message. Of course I send an email immediately, asking them to check and tell me what's wrong.

    It's now been 3 days and no answer at all. All I got from them was another automated email from them saying my domain was going to expire in a few days.

    What's even worse, there is no phone number listed on their site.

    Any ideas what I can do? can I transfer the domain from them to one more efficient? how can I do that, when I cannot even log into their site?

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    Do a whois search on the Domain Name. It should pull up info about the registrar and hopefully some better contact info.
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    An update; I now realize that ENOM are the actual registrar, so I have sent them an email, hope I can resolve it this way via Enom. Will appreciate any feedback.

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    May be they stop there business now, but the enom will help you if you have correct whois info.
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    Today I got a rather strange email from enom. I am copying it below, and let me know what you think please? are they trying some trick on me? here is the email:

    "We have received notification from our merchant processor of disputed payments from you for the following order(s):
    Order ID: 12233333...
    Transaction Date: 2/10/2012
    Amount: $29.94
    Order Items
    Domain Renew 1 $14.97 Domain Reactivation
    Domain Renew 1 $14.97

    Per our terms and conditions, the fees must be paid before the account can be reactivated. Please fill out, sign and return the attached form to us. You can either scan the form and attach it to your reply or fax it to the number on the form. Once we have received your form, we will respond to this email with details on how to log into the account in order to update your credit card details. Once you have updated the information, please let us know and we will process the listed fees and remove the account restrictions.

    What I dont get is, if I didnt pay for the domain as they say (I know I never disputed any domain payments) then why did they not just stop me using it (I am using it even now, and it will expire only in feb). Secondly, why restrict access to my account? I could just as well have been allowed to access the account and made to pay for whatever it is that they clain I have to pay? What do you guys think, is this normal?



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    If I understood that email, that indicates someone is disputing the payment (e.g. chargeback) for that domain name posted...almost two years ago? Has someone done that then?

    Basically, you're trying to renew the domain name to keep it in good standing, right?

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    I didnt do a chargeback or ask for a refund; and I can't see how anyone else could have done a chargeback on my cc. Strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolronny View Post
    you should transfer your domain to
    That seems like a good idea. But how can I do it? wouldn't DnBuy/Enom have to allow that?

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    you must ask dnbuy/enom for permission rights to transfer your domain, maybe they agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolronny View Post
    you must ask dnbuy/enom for permission rights to transfer your domain, maybe they agree
    Thanks; I figured as much and have already sent them an email requesting them to kindly unlock the domain and send me the auth codes, so I can transfer. I also mentioned that I would like to settle this amicably, rather than me write a complaint about enom to

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