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    SEO and meta needed for my website

    I have started a new website and want someone to do the seo to get me highly ranked
    it's for a specific area in the uk

    and to do the meta tag stuff on the website also pls

    Must be reliable and have a good reputation and be good at communicating
    i've spoken to a couple of ppl who take ages to reply to anything which is annoying

    Must be reasonbly priced

    Pls either post your comments here or pm me with more details

    the site is
    Mammoth Hosting, Mammoth Savings, Mammoth Service
    Affordable, reliable pat testing in Suffolk & South Norfolk

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    Please add me in Skype. My Skype: seoindiaorg

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    i don't add ppl to skype pls either reply on here or send me a pm
    Mammoth Hosting, Mammoth Savings, Mammoth Service
    Affordable, reliable pat testing in Suffolk & South Norfolk

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    BMD Infosolutions is a mature Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company in India offering great SEO deals, we follow most advanced and ethical strategies.

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    how many phrases you want to position?

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    Hi, you can add me to your skype. I have sent you skype details. Thanks

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    Hi I am a professional SEO, I can bring your website on top fastest then others.

    my skype id is shani.khan323

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    Hi Would like to offer my services. Plz add my ID : manmeetsi or visit my Company website

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    I skimmed through your website and i believe that it is going to be pretty tough to get it ranked well and that too in quick time. The site lacks convincing design/structure, you also do not have good call-to-action content. On to of all, its not even linked to any of the social media sites and lacks contact info. You probably wont be ranked well with this site. no hard feelings pls.

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    Your offer still valid?

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    Hello Christian
    We are highly professional SEO company who can provide results as per your expectations. I have checked your URL
    if you provide me your Email I can send you site analysis report.

    Thank You

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    Your offer sound good, but will you be going to pay, or just doing time pass. Are you planning to hire an SEO for your site or you wanted to do freelancer. I have a great deal proposal for your site, if you are interested, then please reply.

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    I will do a great seo for your website. As I have already done many projects with success. But you have to pay me half price in advance and half will be after I done the work.

    I am very communicative to my clients, so you don't need to wait for reply. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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    Send me to PM your offer if still valid .

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