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    Cheap VPS allow P2P/torrents?


    I have little experience with two providers where I had VPS, and they had problem with torrenting (P2P).

    So my question is, do you know about any provider that allow torrenting?

    I don't prefer any country.

    512mb ram <(1gb + prefer)
    75gb hdd <

    Do someone know about any VPS solution? Thank you

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    No decent provider would allow illegal torrents, but if they are legal I am sure many providers would be able to work something out for you.

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    If you need torrent upload and download for illegal content, you cant do.
    You might try looking for offshored hosting providers. you can search in VPS hosting offers!

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    If the content you're torrenting is not legal*, then unfortunately that's a no-go: no provider can do it for you as their upstream datacenters are clamping down on this.

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    All files are legal.. But lot of providers have problems with any P2P transfers.

    Any tips to host?

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