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    [Hiring] Developer With PHP Skills

    Hello peeps, I'm looking for a developer for a project (which I can't disclose here, it's a private thing) but, if you're or you know some cool developer with PHP + automation skills please let me know in comments.

    Payment Amount - Developer will decide according to the amount and level of work

    Payment Method - Paypal

    Only serious people who actually know coding stuff, reply!

    Kindly refrain yourself from useless bashing.

    P.S - It'll be better if you're an experienced developer and show some proof and reviews of your earlier work!

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    Moved to >Employment / Job Offers ~ It's not just a job It's a passion
    "Mistakes are proof that you are trying"

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    Hello, I'd be glad to help you out, over 4 years of professional programming experience with top inc500 hosting companies. Where can I email a resume to?

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    Skype - yourarnav

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    Added you on skype.I look forward to hearing from you.

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