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    Parallels announce support for Microsoft Windows Azure Pack...!

    This just in......,33706

    If you don't know about Windows Azure Pack, it's the official product name for Codename Katal, basically on-prem Azure that is built on top Microsoft System Centre and Hyper-v, I've been working with it since it was in Beta and I have to say it's pretty cool if your into instance based services...

    Now that Parallels are supporting WAP, it essentially opens doors to evolve Parallels to the multi-tenant/multi-cloud provisioning system... IMO that would be a game changer if Parallels weren't, er, Parallels.

    Oddly though, I'm not sure why they've decided to support it through APS, but I'm assuming because the software architecture of Parallels Automation isn't able to support the concept any other way.. To me that spells they can't think outside the box and only intend to cross-sell to greedily gain a larger piece of the pie...

    Has anyone here used WAP/Katal ? What do you think of consuming multiple Cloud Automation platforms ?
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    Parallels generaly isn't able to support their products like plesk , their support and their updates are still lacking of problems

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