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    Wordpress for Video streaming site?


    How would you rate wordpress in terms of stability/able to handle traffic when it comes to having a video streaming website?

    How much better/worse is it than having a web application built from the ground up?
    Is it an acceptable compromise for "starters" before I have an application built from the ground up? Say, 100 people streaming at once.

    Rene K.

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    I'd lean towards using an application designed for that purpose. WordPress is great and can be customized to do pretty much anything, but that doesn't mean it's always the best tool for the job.

    At the end of the day, though, I'd be more concerned about the quality of the network and the underlying hardware.
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    Thank you Lisa!
    Rene K.

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    WordPress can do this, but it's very hackish. Something like PHP Melody is much better.
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    I would suggest you look to implement Wowza for the actual streaming. It's what is designed for. The big thing to keep in mind on streaming is concurrent users for bandwidth and I/O. Slicing off the video from the website is highly recommended as you can then horizontal scale it out later as your needs grow.
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    Wordpress should work fine for your needs. You'll most likely run into issues with bandwidth if you are hosting the videos from the server.

    If you need to host the videos, you can always make use of a red5 server, and the JWPlayer video player. With that, you can use RTMP for people who can view Flash, and HTML5 for mobile.

    If you are uploading the content to youtube, and embedded the data, then wordpress is great, as you can just get a theme which is dedicated for videos like wpzoom

    hope this helps

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    Your first concern should not be choosing right need to take great care in choosing hardwarw b/w and server optimization
    Becoz most of the streamin task would be handled by h/w

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