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    Billing system Question

    I am currently using Clientexec V4 I wanted to upgrade to V5 unfortunetly there are some issues still with the beta not only that but for V4 as well there are some issues for my company to provision accounts on my interworx-cp server. I currently have to manually add any accoutns that go onto that server. I am soon to only be utilizing the interworx server for shared clients. Because I am having the issues with Clientexec I wanted to know if anyone has used blesta for auto creating accounts on interworx-cp servers.

    Also If you have used whmcs I would rather not use whmcs Because of the security issues as of late and the constant updates. At this point to me that would seem like more work to keep up with all the updates of WHMCS rather than use it.

    Thank you for your input.

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    Everyone software will come across with an issue which will need patching, I would be more concerned if they didn't keep rolling out patches/updates.

    When an update comes available they email you, failing that when you log into your whmcs admin area it will notify you of an update.

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    Well, im testing CE v5, really is a good software.
    Currently they released v5.0b2, less bugs. We are looking forward to the final version.
    Maybe you want wait for Final v5.

    However, if you need a strong billing system, you have Hostbill, but is not cheap.
    We also tested Blesta, if you want my honest opinion, is not the right choice.

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    We tested blesta and interworx and it auto created accounts just fine.
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    We tried Blesta and think its good, at least as good as ClientExec. However, you should be aware that no billing software is without its problems.
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