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    one time plesk jobs

    hi yall,

    mate of mine got a server over at problem is they said it was managed but it isnt, so now hes struggling and asked me to help out here.

    I know a lot of stuff but going in through ssh and performing all kinds of (obviously) small jobs is beyond me basicly.

    So im looking for a guy or girl or company that knows their way around plesk and centos to do a few changes on the server (remove an user account, set ftp to pasv mode and a few more smaller tasks). Preferably someone native english speaking as both me mate and myself are fluent in english (my mate also gets around in spanish tho).

    Anyone you would recommend that has got a bit of free time on their hands and can perform mentioned tasks would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Check server management offers section; their are quite a few companies starting at $20/month without contract (cancel anytime). Then search for the company here or online to find reviews and see if it sound like a good fit. If it does not stretch the budget you can stick with them going forward.
    Michael Vinocur
    Enterprise IT Solutions
    Helix Technologies LLC

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