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  1. SEO for classifieds website

    Hello friends,i am working for a classifieds website, how to do Off-page SEO for classifieds website,i am doing Guesting posting and participating on Forums discussions,Q&A.
    Please suggest some good Off-page SEO techniques for this website.
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    Visit You find all about SEO summary as follow below

    1 - SEO Useful Resources

    A collection of SEO Sites, Books and Articles is given at this page.

    SEO Useful Resources
    2 - SEO Tools

    A list of great SEO tools available freely to help you to improve your website.

    SEO Tools
    3 - HTML Tutorial

    If you are willing to learn HTML to start developing webpages then you can start with.

    HTML Tutorial
    4 - SEO Tutorial in PDF

    Download a quick SEO tutorial in PDF format.

    SEO Tutorial in PDF
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    Guest posting? You really need to revamp your link building techniques ad matt cutts warned that SEO's could stop guest posting as a link building technique due to its excessive spamming.

    Well, yes you can do guest posting, but it should be real, unique and should be of high quality.. Other than traditional link building techniques try out some advanced content marketing strategies to get back links..
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    Dont think to do over optimization. No any particular strategy mentioned for classified sites just do all activity in ethical and effective way.
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    You can perform off page SEO in order promote your Classified website. This can be done by Blogging, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Press Release, Article Submission, Business Review sites etc.
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    First you analyze what makes your classified ads different from other conventional online classified ads websites.

    Determine what are the most searched categories when people are looking for classified ads websites.

    After that, you can start promoting your site through content marketing. This is one of the best methods to create a buzz about your site.
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    You can start with ads, will help in traffic and organic shares, backlinks
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    According to my opinion, you should focus on its social media optimization to get high traffic.
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  9. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
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    I would like to suggest content sharing and social media sharing are best and new seo startegy.
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    I suggest you that please work on 'Backpage, Craigslist' and other ads websites which will really help you for offpage optimization as well. But you need to post your ads in right category which is relevant with seo.
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    For quick response target Local domain better for your natural plan. expert recommended variation for getting back links. when we talk about off page Seo some important seo techniques we thinks like Yahoo answers Rss submission Article Submission and Web 2.0 good way for that.
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    Apart from seo, I think you have to work more user experience so that you get returning visitor, leads. Some might also subscribes for your newsletter.

    In seo I think you have concentrate more on page stuff. In classified website anyone can post anything so I think strict moderation also needed.
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    Have you seen recent Mattcutt video on article submission?

    Quote Originally Posted by mausin12991 View Post
    I think you should do article submission, blog posting and social bookmarking - Latest coupon codes, Promo Codes - Travel Tips & Deals
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