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    Exim Spam Monitoring system

    Regards, i just create an exim monitoring system than alert if a email acccount or a domain or the whole server reach a threshold per day or per hour to fight spam.Also have multiserver monitoring in the same dashboard.

    This is something than someone will be interest in pay as a monthly monitoring service ?

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    Monitoring Exim with OpenNMS

    You should use Monitoring Exim with OpenNMS

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    ok, that is cool. Anyway per domain limitation can be enforced via cPanel quite easily ( not sure whether you have built it exclusively for cPanel ). Though it won't alert you when it crosses the threshold. Also CSF can do little help to detect spamming from server. The per server / per email report will be a nice feature. Also create graphs in central dashboard, for each server showing total emails from servers. Also report highest email senders ( domain-wise and email address wise ) in the main dashboard as well ( I think providing separate display space for each server will make all such per server reports more readable ). Additionally it will be nice, if you can provide an exclusion list of domain / email address on each servers.

    Just my thoughts...await for more

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    this is my dashboard and my config page
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    yes, i already have graph , let me show you.
    i have graph last day per hour , last 7 days per hour and per day , and last month per day and per hour
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    Ok..good. Hoe often does it check for data / stats / email limits and alerts?

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    Yes , in the config alert you can add by example in my personal server, the whole server have a threshold of 1000 email per day , and any domain itself can have 400 emails per day and any email account 200 per day , but i have an special account [email protected] than is allow to send 2000 emails per day.

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    i set the cron for the alert every 10 minutes and the dashboard, reports and graphs are realtime.

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    in the config , i can set the threshold per hour and per day , by example i can have monday-friday at 10am-11am the users can sent up to 300 emails ( the sum of all the emails for just that hour ) and the weekend only 50 emails at 10am-11am period

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    Any idea of how much i can charge for this service ? my client have to run a command to allow me to see their exim mysql data

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