VIPoint Solutions Pvt. Ltd is proud to announce that we have achieved 100% cPBC::Technical certifications for all employees over 3 months.

Sarath Thankappan, Managing Director of VIPoint Solutions Employees on the exams: "With a pass / fail cut off of 90% and a time limit of approximately 1 question per minute, it was indeed very tough. The staff worked hard as a collective to study for this exam. It was a long term process as employees needed to study outside of working hours or with permission of their respective clients. But we're all very happy at the results and can't wait to receive the rest of our certifications. Thanks to cPanel University for creating such a thorough and competent examination."


VIPoint Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an IT firm established in 2008 and situated in the prestigious InfoPark Technology Park in Kochi, India. Our ambition is to revamp the outsourcing process, providing full transparency in the outsourcing process while hiring brilliant technicians trained not only in LAMP, but also effective communications and English vernacular.