want to provide you one of the fastest public proxy lists to you.

We created our platform to scan multiple sources (and we keep adding more) and we keep everything indexed and we test new ips every 10 mins!
Our network is backed by a 3 gbps network, because we want to be prepared for future. We pick only the fastest proxies with a timeout of 10 seconds!

We scan over 370.000 proxies daily and we pick only the fastest ones!
Our own software that is continuously updated
API for your needs, including json, serial and raw data
All types of proxies are scanned: http, https, socks4 and socks5
Export as text file
Works with scrapebox, xenuke, etc (easy to integrate)

Exclusive price for you:
$30 / month (normal $55/month)
$300 / year (normal $660 / year )

Works with any bots if there are any problems implementing our API with your custom bots please pm me. I'll code something to fit your needs.

Proxy List Packages