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    Thumbs up Limestone Superiority

    Hi All,

    First time poster, long time reader of constructive review sites like this one. However I felt compelled to contribute my most recent (the last 14 months) experience with my now dedicated server provider Limestone Networks, in the hope that people can benefit in the same way I have.

    Having worked for some very large multi national companies in the digital sphere, I have come to rely on hosting in a big way. The experience I have had with Limestone Networks puts them head and shoulders above any other dedicated server provider in the business that I have ever dealt with, this includes some of the biggest Household names in the industry of Hosting companies.

    From initial contact to follow up support, these guys are faultless. Yes there have been a few minor issues that have required handling but every single time they got dealt with in a seamless manner.

    Seriously though, I actually enjoy when I need to speak with these guys, and there is always someone there to talk to no matter what time zone your in.

    Reasonable prices, amazing performing cutting edge servers and backed with support that I haven't yet witnessed in this or any other industry.

    If Im sounding like I'm a little bias towards Limestone Networks, then they made me this way from providing a superior product. So that's why I have taken the time to write this review, so I can save you yours in looking for a dedicated server provider.

    Good health to all!
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    A very professional English there.

    If you may, please provide your domain hosted in your dedicated server with them.

    You may use:
    Specially 4 You
    JoneSolutions.Com ( Jones.Solutions ) is on the net 24/7 providing stable and reliable web hosting solutions and services since 2001

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    Hi OP,

    Thanks a lot for the great review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with the community.

    Make sure to validate your testimonial with the link provided above by net so that the post doesn't get deleted.
    Kris Anderson - Limestone Networks - Director of Business Development
    Dedicated, Enterprise & Cloud Hosting - Premium Network - Passionate Support
    DDoS Protection Available - Resell Dedicated Servers @LimestoneInc - 877.586.0555

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    I appreciate the information. There is never enough reviews of how well a company does, rather we see a lot of reviews of when things go bad. Thanks

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