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    For Video Storage/Streaming? 8GB Backup Server vs 32GB E3 Server

    Setting up a server from, for users to upload to and watch video from.

    Considering two different servers: One is a 8GB Backup server, with 4TB of usable space. The other is a 32 GB E3 server with 2TB of usable space.

    BK-8T Backup Server
    2 Cores + 8GB Ram + 2x4 SATA + "Not Guaranteed" Bandwidth

    E3 Server
    4 Cores + 32GB Ram + 2x2 SATA + 200 Mbps Bandwidth

    The backup server has twice the storage space, but as it's a backup server with lower specs and "Unguaranteed Bandwidth", how do you guys think it will perform for video uploading/watching, compared to the E3 server?

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    How many concurrent viewers? Bear in mind disk and network bottlenecks. More RAM and faster disks = better for on-demand type streaming. If it's just a handful of viewers or live-only streaming, anything would work. When you get in the 100's or 1000's with on-demand content, things get interesting with regards to hardware/software choice and optimizations.
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    As FastServ stated video delivery is a interesting beast.

    There are a variety of ways to go but it mostly depends on your requirements.

    If you are doing VOD (Video On Demand) content then disk based i/o becomes your bottle neck. So you would be looking at implementing raid 10 or similiar to improve the IOPs for more simultaneous streams.

    If you are doing mostly LiveStreaming then disk io is less your concern and RAM is your big requirement. As the stream is essentially being unistreamed multiple times which is required to be stored in RAM.

    Now once you really need to scale then you are talking about implementing a core ingestion video server that has either the vod/live stored on it with edge servers that are either locally caching hot content or restreaming that livestream from the core.

    Can you provide more information on what your looking to accomplish?
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