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    No Support at BurstNet and Ticket been Quarantine...


    I have problems with BurstNet support system. I tried few times sending to their support system but it reply with "Quarantine" subject message. Its been 24 hours already.. nobody attend my problems.. by backup secondary disk cannot be used anymore at this time. Anyone has similar problem? Any Burst support team here can help me? My support ticket is: #NQN-383-​59822 , nobody is answering me for 24 hours already from the support or customer service department.... sad ...

    fyi: i'm a 5 years burstnet customer..

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    If you are hosted in the Dallas, TX facility you might want to look at that thread :
    If you are in the PA facility you might want to consider a plan B in case they give you a 12 hour notice to move out of there as well.
    Good luck.

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