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    Where is my server located?

    With Burst's email about closing down Dallas, which I pray is not legit, I'm worried about my server.

    This is what I ordered:

    Dedicated Servers - SPECIAL OFFER - Dual Xeon L5520 - Dual Xeon L5520 Quad Core Dedicated Server - (DALLAS, TX) - SPECIAL OFFER
    This is what I get when I ping my server:

    Proxy: No Proxy Detected
    City: SCRANTON
    State/Region: PENNSYLVANIA
    Country: US - us flag
    I'm not in Dallas right? I'm in Scranton? Or are they screwing with the ip addresses? I didn't get the email but I did get a phone call so I'm at a loss if I should start backing up my server.


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    do a trace route to the IP address and most likely you will get your answer. But based off your top quote I would say yes you are in Dallas and would be affected by the closure.

    You can trace route from here if you need somewhere to trace from.

    select trace route from the drop down.

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    Carefull when pinging to find ip location

    IP locators are known to be erroneous from time to time.

    Our server, for example, was listed as bing in Edmonton, Tennesee, and not Edmonton, Canada like it was supposed to be.

    These online servers are difficult to pinpoint sometimes.

    I guess try to call them and tell them where the ip address lookup tells you to verify.

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    Best would be to do a traceroute and see where the IP goes to if you like post the results here and take out your servers IP at the end if you don't want people knowing the IP.
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    Good idea. And you can check the locations of the IP addresses on the way to your server. The most accurate will be the public IP just before your server is shown.

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    Ping is not useful to geo-locate a server. Traceroute your server's IP address and take note of each hop throughout the final steps of the route in order to identify your router or gateway physical presence. Most providers identify their routers with city initials.

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