Swiftway is an Award winning business to business provider with a industry leading service level backed by our strict Service Level Agreement. Swiftway achieved

  • 9th place in the Technology Fast 50 2013 Central Europe
  • 72th place in the Top 500 Best Managers awards 2013
  • 155th place in the Technology Fast 500 2013 Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Your business deserves our Quality!

Swiftway is known for its excellent support and services is also one of the largest sellers of direct and indirect carrier bandwidth worldwide.
Swiftway operates a Intelligent Routing Platform enhanced network that is capable to automatically route around outages and packet loss on the Internet.

Direct POP locations:


  • 111 8th New York
  • 350E Cermak, Chicago
  • One Wilshire, LA available from March 2014
  • 900 N. Alameda, LA available from March 2014
  • 55 South Market, San Jose
  • 11 Great Oaks Blvd, San Jose


  • Nikhef, Kruislaan, Amsterdam the Netherlands
  • Sara, Kruislaan, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Easynet, Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands
  • Evoswitch, Haarlem, the Netherlands

Indirect POP locations (additional charge for transport)

  • 725 S. Wells Street, Chicago
  • 427 S LaSall, Chicago
  • 121 Varick Street, New York
  • 60 Hudson, New York
  • 23 Broadway, New York
  • 85 10th Avenue, New York

We offer high quality IP transit based on a 12 months agreement.

10Gbps unmetered AS35017
- 10Gbps Juniper or Cisco LR port (10.000Mbps guaranteed burst capacity)
- 100% dedicated, unmetered

NRC $1500,-
MRC $3500,-

1Gbps unmetered AS35017
- 10Gbps Juniper or Cisco port (1000Mbps guaranteed burst capacity)
- 100% dedicated, unmetered

NRC $250,-
MRC $700,-

100 Mbps on a 1Gbps port AS35017
- 1Gbps Juniper or Cisco port (1000Mbps guaranteed burst capacity)
- 100% dedicated, unmetered
- 100 Mbps 95% CDR

NRC $250,-
MRC $200,- / month
Overusage $2,- per Mbps 95%

Swiftway is also amongst the largest resellers for direct carrier bandwidth and can provide such bandwidth at attractive rates directly or indirectly from the following carriers:

- Level3
- Cogent
- Zayo
- Sparkle (Italia Telecom)
- Telia (TeliaSonera)
- Hurricane Electric (He.net)

Swiftway provides attractive IP transport rates, MPLS or Waves, protected and unprotected.

MPLS transport deals:
Protected MPLS Transport
Contract term 24, 36 or 60 months
90+ locations onnet - ask for details

Europe MPLS transport Point to Point
1 Gbps / 250 Mbps CDR MRC $349,-NRC $1299,-
1 Gbps /500 Mbps CDR
MRC $549,-NRC $1299,-
1 Gbps flatfee CDR
MRC $749,-NRC $1299,-

10Gbps / 2,5Gbps CDR MRC $1749,-NRC $3299,-
10Gbps / 10Gbps CDR MRC $2749,-NRC $3299,-

Transport 60 Hudson, New York to 350E Cermak, Chicago.

Example MPLS unprotected transport link within USA. More locations available.

1 Gbps MRC $1749,-NRC $3299,-
2 Gbps MRC $2749,-NRC $3299,-

Swiftway Advantages:

Support: - One of the industries best support departments

- 24/7 Emergency phone number for instant ticket escalation.
- Average standard support ticket response 7 minutes
- < 15 minutes 24/7 guaranteed support response
- Inhouse support engineers, no outsourced staff

Network - Building the best content network.

- Network enhanced with Intelligent routing
- Juniper and Cisco routing and switching equipment
- One of the largest and most reliable networks in the industry.
- 80+ IP transit locations worldwide

- Expand with Swiftway

- 12 datacenter locations worldwide
- From a hosting account or single VPS to a Multi location GEO balanced Private cloud with hundreds of servers and CDN
- MPLS between in 90+ locations worldwide
- 29 CDN POP locations

Reliable hardware - No compromises

- Server grade hardware from IBM or Supermicro
- All servers come with build in KVM/IP with remote media support
- Reboot your server remotely with build in power on / power off function
- New technology

Experts on hand - All required experts under one roof.

- In house cloud, cluster and CDN technology consultants
- In house system management team
- In house network management team

Contact [email protected] with the following information

- What company you represent
- In what location do you need your port?
- What port capacity do you need? 1 gigabit, 10 gigabit, 100 gigabit ?
- The commitment are you looking for?
- What carriers you consider (optional) ?

Signing an NDA may be required!

Why should i buy Direct Carrier bandwidth using Swiftway as a reseller ?

Many end users and providers alike will find that dealing directly with carriers and bandwidth providers can be very troublesome, slow and relatively expensive. We can help you to get the best prices from these carriers worldwide.
Swiftway and our partners already commit to large volumes of bandwidth from various carriers in worldwide locations. Use our purchasing power to get the best deals available.

Swiftway is a business Internet provider of turn key Internet services based in Europe, the USA and Asia. These services include cloud, CDN, server management, colocation and dedicated servers. The company has been in continuous operation since 2003 and offers its services to demanding firms in over 80 countries the world over.

Our website: http://www.swiftway.net
WHT wiki: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/wiki/Swiftway
Mail to [email protected] for questions, orders or details.
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