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    Advice on server for IPTV / VOD project

    First thank you for looking.

    Currently looking to set up a linux based server at home for now.

    What i need to do is transcoding of rtmp steams from other providers and play local media files in loop to stream out over my local network and via wan.

    Only setting this up as a proof of concept and will look to move it to a real data center to feed more then one client.

    Would a server like this do what im requiring and if so ideally how many feeds could it support if configured correctly.

    Poweredge R900 4x-Xeon-E7340 2.4ghz 32gb 2x 146gb Perc 6i

    My isp is 85mpbs down and 5mbps up. Testing will only have one client in use at any time.

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    If this for test then OK

    Yes u can do that, with the server you have,..

    You need to install a server based in RTMP solution, they are many out there, Wowza to start is good give you 30 day test.

    In this server you need to use a Caputer Card, can be use Intensity pro from blackmagic only 1 channel for stream out.

    Software you need:

    FFmpeg with x264 Plugin

    The Internet you have is where you will be in problem just for let you know they KEY on streaming is the UPLOAD, download is nothing.

    HD Channel is from 9Mbps to 4 mbps
    SD Channel is from 2.3 to 2.9 mbps

    So with ffmpeg you need to lower the bitrate at least 900kb so you can be able stream out the stream properly, but you can't have cleint conected only 1, becuase your uplaod, If you are looking to stream out to clients then you need to Push this stream to a 3party CDN company they are many out there .

    Good luck.

    You need to do lot homework

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    You would be lucky to be able to encode more than 1 or 2 streams in realtime on that very old hardware. For just one transcoding instance (one stream in, many out) it might work at SD quality, or just serving VOD with pre-encoded content, but I doubt it could encode HD content in realtime without GPU assistance.
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