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    I have a vps and on the vps i have whm/cpanel installed. Suppose whm primary ip is
    and on my whm settings i choose ssl redirect.
    I have installed a ssl certificate on my hostname.
    Now i create a domain name on the shared ip .. suppose
    now when my client going to it showing ssl error again
    is it my hostname ssl problem or its natural.
    is there any way to use whm force ssl redirection settings and give all my clients cpanel access without ssl warning?

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    Did you change the SSL certs in Manage Service SSL Certificates?

    Just adding the SSL cert to the main server name is not enough.

    You would also need to set the redirect to SSL hostname selected to force them to go to https://primaryip:2083. If they go to https://userdomain/cpanel then the SSL cert is not valid for that domain name.

    Redirect to SSL Hostname option is available in Tweak Settings

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    It sounds like you missed the above, to do that follow this guide, skip the bits you've done:

    1. Log into WHM.
    2. Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request.
    3. Fill in the information.
    4. Put that and fill in a order form on Licensecart.

    5. Go to the email address for activation: ([email protected], etc which one you picked when ordering).
    6. Get the SSL Certificate from the zip, and then go to Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain.

    7. Open a new tab with the accounts and assign the dedicated IP to the account

    8. Auto grab the information for the domain or fill in the private key and the Certificate
    9. Select the correct IP
    10. Install
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  4. Is it your main domain, ie your company? If so go to Service Configuration, Manage Service SSL Certificates and apply the certificate to all services.

    If it's your customers domain, then you need to point to (with proper ssl).
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    First you to have to generate an SSL for your hostname "". Then you need to install that SSL for all the services from WHM.

    Home >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates
    Select all the services.

    Then you need to select the following from your tweak settings

    "Always redirect to SSL"
    SSL redirect destination : Hostname

    Once this is completed, you can access your cpanel using https://hostname/cpanel with SSL and would be working fine. Even you can use this shared SSL for all the domains and can use it as https://hostname/~username

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