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    Looking for node.js hosting

    Hello I purchased a website that use node.js, I am looking for an affordable host for this one website, I need a unique IP as well, any assistance is appreciated, linux is fine as long as node.js is supported

    thank you

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    You'd probably have a bit more luck looking for suggestions in the VPS forum.

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    move this thread ?

    Mod can I get moved to VPS ?

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    Check out asmallorange they support it on their shared platform.

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    SiteGround do node.js hosting, they have good reviews and reliable servers!

    Hope this helps!

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    I know ASO does that on their shared platform, but most shared web hosting do not offer node.js on shared. I recommend visiting asmallorange or finding a VPS provider.
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    Gandi Simple Hosting offers this, along with a choice of MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

    You can consult my post history for a review, but the summary is that it's effectively an automated VPS. That is, you can what is technologically a VPS but rather than getting root access Gandi manages everything using its automated system, updates as necessary, etc. So you can use it like regular shared hosting but enjoy VPS-like performance. This id definitely optimal for Node.js because it's not really geared towards a shared environment.

    I'm a big fan as Gandi really knows what it's doing in terms of technology, however be aware that support is slow. You're expected to know what you're doing and they only really react fast to critical incidents (i.e. downtime).

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    Is budget a concern? Well, when isn't it, really? But - what budget do you have for this? There are a bunch of services available (EngineYard, Heroku, JoyNet, NodeJitsu) that can provide you node.js hosting services.

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