DDoS Protected Velocity Shared Hosting by zbode.

We own and operate our own DDoS Protection Hardware.
We only use the leading Dedicated DDoS protection hardware to provide powerful protection in both Europe and the United States.

We do what no other company dares - we make promises so that we can keep them.
We promise that we will always learn, advance, and introduce innovative techniques to mitigate DDoS attacks. Most recently, our expansion to the United States is yet another way that we have delivered on that promise.

Experience the enhanced performance of Velocity VPS hosting equipped with zbode DDoS Protection. Backed by a seven day money back guarantee, support, and the power of cPanel - protected shared hosting doesn’t get any better than this.

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DDoS Protected VPS-Z1
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DDoS Protected VPS-Z2
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DDoS Protected VPS-Z3
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DDoS Protected VPS-ZBODE
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For more information, please visit http://zbode.com