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    Question Dyn DNS, what are they usueful for?

    I was looking at this page today: They are offering stand alone 3rd party DNS service.

    But I struggle to undertand to whom these kind of service could be useuful for.

    Basically when I buy a domain from any registrar, I always get a DNS for free included in the domain price (something like 12 bucks all inclusive domain+DNS).

    If I don't want to use the registrar's DNS i can always point the domain to the web hoster nameservers, they are always included with any cPanel/WHM account on the world.

    So why the hell would someone buy a 3rd party DNS, like DYN DNS (or other vendors) at 30$/40$ per year?

    Services/Business like DYN DNS seem to be still in good shape, hence unless they are excellent in marketing something with no value at all, there must me some value behing their service that I'm missing to undertand.

    Any help/explanation appreciated, thanks!

  2. DynDNS is used mainly if you want to use your home computer as a server. If your IP address may change occasionally, then DynDNS will adopt that change.

    In your case, DynDNS is indeed not very useful.

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    I just went through their website and not sure anyone using their service.

    See some of their features at

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    I have several customers that work from home offices that cannot get static IP addresses from their ISP. Many of these customers need or want the ability to remote into their home computers from the field using MS Remote Desktop Services. DynDns fills that gap by providing them a way to reach the computer using a FQDN that will always point to the IP address even when it changes (since it is dynamic).

  5. Companies with lots of virtual machines running in the cloud that are constantly starting or terminating machines based on their current load can use their DNS Service to forward "load" (requests) to newly started instances of the virtual machines. Also, if cloud company A is increasing prices, or has some outage due to extreme weather conditions, you can easily switch over to another cloud company B, by simply starting machines there and adjusting the DNS settings using their API.

    This should be the point of their service as far as I understand it. For a simple web hosting project, that kind of service is overkill, however. You would need to change your webhosting company on a daily basis to make it worth to use their service

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    Another use that we have had to use dyndns for is when terminating VPN end points on clients that do not have static environments. An example would be company widgetco has a headquarters and then want to have P2P vpn connecting satellite offices. However, some of these satellite may have a cable modem or something to that effect that is dynamic only. With this type service you can have those dynamic ips updating the dns record upon dhcp lease refresh. This way things keep on working automatically.
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