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    litespeed + memcache or varnish?


    Just wondering what would YOU do?

    Please do not just put opinions here, I prefer someone to comment who knows what they are saying...... please.

    it is for a single website, running wordpress and whmcs, it is running on a VPS with 4 cores + 2GB RAM (will change to 4GB later).

    I am running openlitespeed, but due to no page caching included, I am thinking about running memcache or varnish for caching with litespeed for webserver, which would you do?

    Thank you in advance

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    Personally Apache and eAccelerator with Varnish or even Apache with Varnish and Nginx - easily more secure than openLitespeed, which of course is important for both Wordpress and WHMCS! A precise Apache build though - too many load too many Apache modules in their build and if they don't idle well it's clear that this will hinder performance, where-as there's more chance Litespeed variations are simply not using extensions in the way they were built to be and reducing security at least by not always taking into consideration what Apache has learned over nearly 20 years.

    But, if it's a heavy site and you want a good cache - Varnish will eat up that RAM quickly (if you let it).

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    I wont recommend Varnish as I have experienced a lot of issues with that.

    You may try Apache with nginx.

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