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    ► ► ► NEW E5 Series Servers! || 100Mbps Uplink, Redundant PSU's, 100% Uptime Record

    We have just released our new E5 series dedicated servers. These servers have businesses in mind, with the following features:


    - 1Gbps port, with a 100Mbps connection, connected to our fully redundant Cisco BGP network
    - Dual redundant power supplies, each from their own UPS and grid feed, backed by independent generators
    - IPMI access is included FOC upon request, so you can remotely power on and off your server, and control it via KVM
    - Shared or Dedicated firewall available, with various benefits to both
    - Many more features!

    We have the following specs ready to order, and there's limited stock available!

    E5-2609V2 2.5GHz 4C/4T
    8GB DDR3
    500GB SATA HDD
    100Mbps / 5TB Transfer
    Choice of OS'

    94.99 /month

    E5 2620V2 2.1GHz 6C/12T
    16GB DDR3
    500GB SATA HDD
    100Mbps / 10TB Transfer
    Choice of OS'

    119.99 /month

    E5 2650V2 2.6GHz 8C/16T
    32GB DDR3
    100Mbps / 15TB Transfer
    Choice of OS'

    189.99 /month

    Note: All prices exclude VAT

    All our servers are upgradeable, and are built within 24 hours of receiving payment. No contracts, just monthly billing!

    Special Offer!
    If you pay annually, you receive one month completely free!
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    RediDedi | UK Premium Dedicated Servers, hosted in our own award winning facility!
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