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    Help required & Webtropia review.

    Does anybody know about a good and cheap windows vps provider based in Germany. I have been using webtropia but I am currently having the worst experience of my life. Same price as Webtropia is also good but support should be better, fast deployment of servers. Also this is also a bit review post.

    I purchased my third server from Webtropia on 20th January. I had forgotten where I should email my I.D. card's pictures, so I opened a support ticket at first and told them that I already have two more customer IDs which are verified so I don't think it's necessary for me to send the pictures, but they asked me to send them anyway. I kept asking where I should send these pictures and got no reply the whole night and on the next morning I got an email regarding verification, so I sent my I.D's pics on the specified email address. An hour later I got a reply from their support that my account is already activated and that the server was already deployed. I spent the next few hours trying to tell them that I have three customer ID's and that the new one wasn't activated, I kept posting my new customer I.D but they kept posting my previous customer ID's and telling me that they are already activated. I got an invoice of my other server on second day. So on the second day at night, a support person named Alina Schmidt posts in the ticket that I have an open invoice and that I should pay that first in order to get the server they charged me for on 20th January. Today I loaded money in my card and paid that invoice. I updated the ticket to notify Alina Schmidt that I had paid that invoice. Note: Today is Wednesday, 22nd January and it's 9:33 A.M. in Dusseldorf.

    Alina's reply:
    "Hello Mr. Ahmed,

    our accounting and finance department have following hours of labor:

    Monday - Friday 08:00h - 16:30h
    That means we can't activate your order or proof that your payment was already done.

    Please tell me on which way you send us the copy of your ID card."

    After that reply I replied that I had sent the pics at [email protected] and that I would email them again if they require me to.

    I know it's my first post but I do have two tickets in my E-Mail inbox one with 16 messages and one with 44 messages. Currently I am waiting for 49 minutes for Alina to reply me. I would post the screenshots of the messages here but how many attachments can I post?

    Also please do tell me a good & reliable German windows VPS service provider, because these guys have taken my money and are driving me crazy.

    Conclusion: Never go for Webtropia.

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