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    Time to first byte VERY slow

    I'm on tmzvps and just moved my sites. But there seems to be a problem with time to first byte taking almost a minute

    Mostly just happening on my wordpress sites and the backend is mostly working fine.


    I've already sent a ticket but it's been almost 3 hours and there seems to be no resolution to it yet but they did reply that they're working on it.

    Just decided to do some investigation on my own.

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    Well the first thing I take notice of is that you said the back end is working fine. If the front end loads slowly and the back end loads quickly, you may be a candidate for better optimization.

    The time to first byte is a tricky number for a lot of people. The way many sites and people word it, it gives the impression that this value only means the time that the server takes to respond based on the server's performance alone. The truth is this detail is effected by both the performance of the server and the configuration of your website. Either one can equally drag this number through the mud.

    I'm getting 756ms for the time to first byte here. Try dialing down your mod_deflate settings. Contrary to popular opinion, it's not always good to gzip everything. There's not always a benefit to forcing Apache to pre-process everything.

    Also, loading a file from the Akamai CDN is taking 971ms for me. Maybe some caching will help. Akamai is an incredible CDN, but sometimes you just can't guarantee the route from A to B.

    Other than that, your site makes a total of 30 requests for a complete load size of 54.9KB. That's excellent. Make sure you're caching appropriately with W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, because treating mostly static content as dynamic just doesn't do anyone any good.

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    The first site takes about a minute, the second loads instantly.

    Are both on the same server? I see the second uses the default Wordpress theme, do you also have a lot more plugins on the first site (that uses another theme)?

    Did you try disabling them one by one? If you create a HTML/PHP file in the same folder as Wordpress does it load instantly?
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    Just found out that the wordpress sites were hacked. Already removed and stuff. Apologies if this put a bad light on tmzvps, they've been amazing so far. No need to respond to this thread anymore guys.


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    I am glad this was resolved and that it was not an issue with our servers .

    I have seen this a few times with WP websites were plugins make the site very slow but the back-end like WHM/cPanel loads very quickly and it's responsive.

    If you need any help feel free to reply to the ticket. Also thank you for the kind words .

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