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    * ★ Super High Quality Tech/Hosting Dot com's @ Wholesale Prices ★ Won't Last Long! ★


    I'm offering 6 super-brandable, tech/hosting domains up for sale. I have too many development projects already on the back-burner so I've decided to liquidate these at low, wholesale prices. Each domain could be a successful stand-alone business/project.

    To preserve the integrity of the domains and prevent them from being indexed by the search engines, I've made a screenshot of the entire list using rough logo mockups which can be seen here:

    Important Info: Please Read Before Purchasing!

    ★ Sale ends: Jan 25, 2014 (retail prices will resume after this date)
    ★ Each domain will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis
    ★ You must post "SOLD" in order to officially claim a domain
    10% discount will be applied when purchasing 2+ Domains
    ★ All domains are currently registered with GoDaddy
    ★ Payment method will be Paypal or credit card via GoDaddy

    When posting "SOLD" please only refer to the number of the domain(s) that you're interested in purchasing. (eg: Domain #1 , #2 etc..)

    Domains Summary:

    The Perfect brand for the next overclock community
    Exp: Jan/2015
    Price: $75

    #2] Short & Sweet. Fantastic brand for a co-location hosting service.
    Exp: Jan/2015
    Price: $65

    #3] Aged, exact-match & highly competitive keyword domain for the vps reseller market. ($28 CPC!!)
    Exp: Dec/2014
    Price: $188

    #4] Amazing, highly memorable domain that describes the service perfectly
    Exp: Jan/2015
    Price: $75

    #5] Become the next big registrar for the upcoming GTLD's. Highly memorable!
    Exp: Jan/2015
    Price: $100

    #6] Superb, premium brand for a tech coupon/discount site. Massive potential.
    Exp: Jan/2015
    Price: $188
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    The link doesn't have the domains listed.

    Please advise, thanks.

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    please repair link
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    The link is broken
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