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Thread: BlueVM troubles

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    BlueVM troubles

    I bought a BLUE4 from BlueVM on December 30th, and after some initial issues with processes I was running getting terminated, I was happy with the service.

    Yesterday, I noticed there was something wrong with my system, it seemed like my processes were getting terminated again, and I tried to SSH in. I couldn't get a connection, and after rebooting the VPS nothing was accessible. Pings timing out, SSH/web port timing out, etc. I contacted support to help resolve the issue:

    "Hello, all network connections are timing out for me to this instance. I've verified iptables has no rules enabled, but not sure what else to check.


    I received a response within 30 minutes, which was impressive. Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with what I read:

    I assigned a new IP, I tested that IP and it pings.
    If you require further support, please let us know.
    Best Regards,

    Assigned a new IP?? OK, I suppose I can update my DNS entries to point to the new IP. Except it still doesn't work, I have the exact same issues. In attempting to troubleshoot I'm having trouble connecting to another VPS of mine through a different provider, and a traceroute puts the blame at my ISP. I chalk it up to ISP issues and say as much in a response, although request that the IP be set back to what it was.

    I went to sleep and woke in the morning to no response from BlueVM. I'm now able to connect to my other VPS, but can't connect to the BlueVM instance. I verify that my working VPS cannot reach it and that cannot reach it and send this information to support. I send screenshots and traceroute output. I e-mail a Customer Review saying my VPS has been unreachable for almost 24 hours now. I send an e-mail to [email protected] explaining the situation.

    As of right now it's been over 24 hours and I still have heard nothing but the initial contact when they gave me a different IP. I am still unable to connect to the instance.

    If you're considering buying a VPS from BlueVM I would strongly advise going with a different provider. I've used many VPS providers in the past and have never had such a terrible experience. I'm not even 1 month into the contract and the instance has been down for over 24 hours with no word from anybody. I've provided plenty of evidence and gone through multiple channels to try and get ahold of somebody and haven't even received as much as a status update. Oh, and their server uptime page is a default "It Works" page ( and their IRC server ( is parked at NameCheap. Real professional guys.
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    Their reply doesn't explain much.

    Wondering why they assigned you a new ip?
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    I was a little surprised when I received that response as well!!

    Oh, I forgot to add, I've completely rebuilt the VM in desperation and still can't connect.
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    After no response and no resolution I cancelled the service. 3 minutes after cancellation I get a response to my original ticket:


    You have already canceled your service.

    Do you still need assistance with this?"

    You've got to be kidding me. Avoid like the plague.
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    That's the common to fix issues for bluevm, it seems their upstream (colocrossing?) is null routing your IP.
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    Okay. As it happens, that's my reply to your ticket. I checked your IP, and it wasn't routing, dropping off a hop before the node you were on. It happens randomly, and the easiest and fastest fix for YOU (the client) is to assign a new, working IP. I tested the IP after I assigned it and it was pinging. Second, the page is down for the moment while we finish with moving the last of the old HyperVM nodes to Feathur. My best estimate on that is next month, as it turned out that it wasn't going to be as easy as we thought. Finally, is NOT owned by BlueVM. It is its own IRC network. While it may be owned by 2 staff members of BlueVM, it is NOT owned by BlueVM. EDIT: Also, the domain has been renewed and is working again.
    If you're still having issues with your server, reply to the ticket and send me the Ticket # in a PM, and I'll take a closer look for you.
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    That's great, thank you for explaining it. It would've been nice if you could've explained it to begin with though, right? And then you ignored my follow-up replies. The new IP may have very well been pinging for you, but it wasn't for me or the rest of the Internet as far as I could tell, and I included traceroutes and screenshots from 3 different connections to illustrate that point. The only message I ever received from you was the two sentences I quoted above. Is that good customer service?

    If your uptime page was up I might've had more insight into what was going on with the service I paid for. If you used a working IRC server I could've contacted you there. I ended up sending 3 replies to the ticket to you, 1 new ticket in Customer Reviews, and a direct e-mail to [email protected].

    Justin contacted me today and was very polite, he also didn't feed me a load of excuses which I appreciate, and offered a month credit. I consider the original issue resolved and appreciate him making good on the downtime and lack of communication from customer service.

    However, yes, I'm still having issues with my server. I see it in Services but it no longer shows up in the Feathur management interface. I responded to the original ticket that Justin replied in, the one quoted above (#209102), a few hours ago but I have not yet heard back.

    Edit: sorry, Justin contacted me yesterday, I just got around to it this morning.
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    I've replied to your ticket again (the original one). I'll talk with Justin about putting at LEAST a parking page for the Uptime page while it's down, or setting up the new uptime page with just the nodes on Feathur.
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    Thank you. I have replied to the ticket again as well, I see the instance in Feathur but am still unable to connect from my ISP, my other VPS, or
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    OK, I finally figured it out. In the ticket you said you set the IP back to what it was before, which I appreciate, but Feathur was still showing a different IP. I was trying to connect to the IP Feathur was showing, but I'm now able to connect via the IP you gave me in the ticket. Thanks for that.

    One thing that's a little odd, when I rebuild the VPS in Feathur the new root password I provide doesn't work in the resulting instance. I have to go into the console and change it manually. No big deal, but worth mentioning.

    Otherwise everything seems resolved, thank you for taking care of it.
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