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    KVM Local time issue


    I am using solusvm kvm node, and I noticed that for vm with windows 2008 server, every time you set the clock to fit your local time, after a reboot from solusvm, the clock will become to the standard time, is there a way to correct and solve this problem ?



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    In the past, when we using xen, it is possible to solve this issue by add a "localtime =1" in the config of that vm in solusvm.

    But with kvm, I don't have any cue.

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    The simplest way is to just use NTP. On windows you can enable this by right clicking the clock and going to adjust date time -> internet time.

    Make sure your Time Zone is set correctly too or NTP will wind up correcting it to the wrong time!

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    Is the time and timezone getting set back to the time and timezone of the parent node?

    If so, you might want to try out this fix:
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