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    .PK domain whois error in whmcs

    Afetr i add whois keys for .pk domain tld in >includes> whoisserver.php i got the request time out error.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pakishhosting View Post
    Afetr i add whois keys for .pk domain tld in >includes> whoisserver.php i got the request time out error.
    Check if there is some firewall blocking the request. What port is the whois for .pk domains?
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    If you get request time out error while checking whois, it reveals that your firewall is blocking port number 43. Please make sure that, this port is open. It could also indicate your server is unable to connect to the whois server listed in the /includes/whoisservers.php file - make your server is able to connect to the whois server on port 43 for the TLD listed in this file.

    If your issue still persists, it is suggested to submit a support ticket with the exact error message along with appropriate screen capture, to get your issue resolved.

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