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    Hiawatha or Nginx for better DDOS protection?

    Which server is better for DDOS protection: Hiawatha or Nginx?

    I recently experienced a DDOS attack that took down all sites on the xen vps with Nginx server. The vps hosting includes DDOS protection but my sites were all hacked. I want to implement the best available security available for DDOS protection.

    I've been reading
    1. h

    Please share your experiences.

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    A DDoS attack does not lead to your sites being hacked, a DDoS attack can only take your server offline. Besides, a good DDoS attack generally means choking the network line before the server so it's nothing a web server can do something about. And I don't think a web server can prevent your sites from being hacked as well as that's generally due to shoddy code and weak passwords.

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    Both web servers are likely sufficient to protect against attacks against the server software itself (ie: slowloris, connection floods, etc).

    However, not too many DDoS attacks are using these types of attacks these days. This will not protect you against high bandwidth or high packet rate attacks. For that, you will need to go with a DDoS protected provider or put your services behind something like CloudFlare, which will also provide you DDoS protection and other security features.

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    Nginx certainly certainly helps you to handle more connections simultaneously. But it is always recommended to get DDOS protection rather than serving http requests to the attacker ips. It would be like treating for the symptoms rather than disease.

    Try to get a good firewall in place, if that doesn't suffice hire external ddos protection service or a hardware firewall, if that fits you budget.

    Another suggestion would be to do a security auit/ scan on your server by a professional team to make sure that your server is clean.
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