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    Exclamation How to redirect different url structures with .htaccess

    Hello mates,

    I am changing my wordpress to a different script

    I converted all data and images to new script but now l need to redirect urls from old wordpress system to new script system not to loose my old traffic...

    My old url structure in wordpress was

    Just like

    But my new Script 's url structure is like this :

    Soo my problem is how can l convert this to new system via .htaccess??? -->>

    Best regards...

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    wordpress .htaccess

    There are usually plug-ins to do this sort of thing.

    I know of an SEO plug in that works great, and asks you how you want URL's displayed.

    I suspect it edits the .htaccess

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    If you want to redirect specific and concrete urls, take a look at redirect 301 directive:

    If you want to match the entire structure and rewrite it with all urls at once, take a look at redirectmatch and rewriterule:

    The first option is a simple solution, the second one is more complex, considering you should have some regexp knowledge.

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