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    Renewed interest in colo - prevailing wisdom?

    Hey WHT peeps!

    I haven't searched for floor space/bandwidth offers for quite some time and typically focus my efforts these days on solution architecture and not data center strategy.

    So I'm wondering... who are the hot providers these days with good deals with reasonably-priced performant bandwidth carriers and reasonable rates for floor space? Ideally I'm keen on finding providers that provide the link so I don't have to buy and maintain a monstrous enterprise router if I can get away with using someone else's. I need to figure out if a cloud solution with a private back-end and public front-end is worth the cost/effort. It will also affect how different colo's are designed to connect to each other.

    I don't really care on single/BGP transit but would prefer a BGP mix if the cost difference was negligible.

    Basically trying to figure out if I need to rent out the infrastructure (servers & switches) first and phase the client to a colo situation or if the costs are affordable enough to just start them off with a colo.

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    Adam, what location are you specifically looking into?

    There are quite a few decent providers

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    Location along with space, power and bandwidth requirements! - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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    Also, do you have a budget you're trying to stay within? If you don't have massive bandwidth requirements, it's probably best to use a host's network that's already been built out and fairly well-established (not to mention will have redundancy, etc.).

    If you're not sure of the exact space/power/bandwidth requirements, if you let us know what the client is planning to do, we may be able to make some specific recommendations.

    You -will- need to let us know what location they're interested in using though That's one thing we can't really suggest for you

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    We have had space in eight data centers over the past 12 years in the Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Phoenix, and Dallas.

    At times we had a presence in four data centers concurrently and most recently consolidated back down into two in Sacramento and Phoenix. Each time we moved or added a new data center it was an upgrade and proved to be our "best" to date. Most recently we moved into IO Phoenix and I can say without question it is now the best I have had space in. IO is a great organization to work with and their Phoenix location is awesome in all ways. They have their first data center nearby in Scottsdale and also ones Ohio and New Jersey. Fortrust Denver is a partner that uses the IO modular data center building blocks.

    10 reasons IO Phoenix is now my "best" data center-

    1. Aggressive rates as a result of low power costs in Phoenix.
    2. Nice in-house BGP blend with Centurylink/Qwest AS209, Cogent AS174, Zayo/Abovenet AS6461 and Telia AS1299 with dual redundant network connections standard. You can BGP your own ASN on top of their bandwidth.
    3. Free cross connects. No NRC or MRC. Fiber or copper.
    4. Free 24x7 simple remote hands standard. Reboots, power cycle, swap hard drives, etc.
    5. Phoenix is one of the lowest natural disaster risk areas in the entire US.
    6. Tons of bandwidth options available at great prices as a result of being on one of the main cross country fiber routes. Not much peering locally but <10ms to all the Los Angeles peering.
    7. Great security infrastructure in the things that matter yet they don't make it a hassle in the ways that don't.
    8. The facility is gorgeous and will totally impress any client or investor.
    9. Their modular data center design with pre fabricated off-site manufactured modules is very innovative
    10. The people have been great to work with. Everything has gone smooth and they treat you in a way that really makes you feel special.

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    Just remember to keep spare compatible hardware incase anything on the server / servers go, moving fans / psu's and disks seem to be the main things to go in a server.
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    What about leasing equipment from your colo provider? I know some companies that will buy the equipment you want and then you pay a portion of the hardware costs plus power each month. After 12 months you option to buy the hardware for $1.

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    The most popular providers out these days, from my observation are:
    -Colocation America
    -Expert Colocation

    There are a ton of budget providers that have been all over WHT lately, but they've been getting mixed reviews. Some of the most common mentioned were
    -Wholesale Internet

    We've been working with 365 Main a lot lately and have really enjoyed them, as they've been very flexible with deployments and contracts. PM if you want our contact there.
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