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    Geek Storage VPS

    I've discovered this company here on WHT and i was hoping some people could give any feedback or knowledge about this company and are they are a decent quality host?

    I've seen a few reviews but nothing recent really so I could use good feedback.

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    Not sure how you search it but I can find one.

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    I can vouch for GeekStorage although I only use them for like a week. They are high quality host in my opinion (I am a perfectionist/nitpicky person, I do lots of research of a company before trying them out, though everyone has different level of satisfaction) I really like their KVM VPS, but I left because I found something else myself. Good response time, polite/friendly staff. Jay is definitely a friendly and helpful person. Same goes to another geek who helped me, I think he's Matt or I could be wrong for his name. They are worth trying.

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    They are very good company. I've used them in the past for both shared hosting and for vps both were very smooth transactions never had any issues with service at all. I've asked a few support questions before and during when I was with then they have sharp and fast replays to tickets. You should really try them out they are overall very professional company that deserves trustworthy customers who will not abuse their service or network in anyway at all

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