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    Is encompass worth using I know Cpanel offers it free right now due to them not actively developing it. But is it worth using or would you be better off using plesk for windows hosting?

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    My concerns about encompass is the cost after thoose betas. They did not announce any price at all and to be honest with you i do not want to use a beta for a production server

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    According to Enkompass is going end of life meaning no updates, no security fixes. You are better off using an actively developed panel.
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    It all depends on whether you need a paid CP or free. Encompass had been EOL'ed probably due to the cold response or thick competition from parallels .
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    Encompass will reach to EOL soon. It looks like cPanel did not receive enough responses from the users hence they stopped the development for Encompass. Other options are Plesk and WebsitePanel (free open source).
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